Welcome to BuddyIM

Welcome to BuddyIM

BuddyIM, founded by xnite and TheEpTic, is a place to meet and chat with friends. BuddyIM is home to #IRC-Source, #Gota, and hopefully you! 😉

Before connecting be sure to read our rules.
If you need any help you can email [email protected]


There is no limit to what you can talk about on BuddyIM, within reason. #Lobby is our main channel and it is for general discussions but feel free to create your own for the general public or even just for your friends. Make a channel for projects and games that you support or even your favorite hobbies, the possibilities are endless.
Some of the awesome channels on BuddyIM include #Linux (Linux RSS Feeds), #CAH (Cards Against Humanity, and #Trivia.


Directly connecting to our leafs is frowned upon, please use one of our round robin address: (irc.Buddy.IM, irc.NA.Buddy.IM, irc.EU.Buddy.IM) to connect to the network. While plain-text connections are available, we recommend that you use SSL on port 6697 when connecting as in the future plain connections may become unavailable.

Tor Access

Tor access is allowed via our hidden service addresses at buddyimngfdn7i2w.onion or buddyon55baybnoj.onion. Both addresses support HTTP & HTTPS (Ports 80 & 443) for webchat connections, and ports 6667(plain)/6697(ssl) for IRC connections from your client.

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