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Issued new SSL Certificates

The old SSL certificate’s CA certificate expired in October and strict SSL connections have been unfortunately broken ever since. We have issued new SSL certificates which are valid for each of our sub-domains as well as our two new round-robin addresses: irc.EU.Buddy.IM & irc.NA.Buddy.IM

Scheduled maintenance for irc.CA2.Buddy.IM

Maintenance is scheduled for irc.CA2.Buddy.IM on Monday April 25th and is estimated to happen some time between 6pm & 8pm. This will result in brief (about 15 minutes) downtime in which users will be disconnected from the server. We will take the server out of DNS before hand so there should be no issues connecting via the round-robin address (irc.Buddy.IM).

Services Swap

By popular demand we have switched out our X3 services package with a services package that our community will find more familiar. The services documentation on AuthServ & X are now irrelevant, and new documentation will be written up in the coming days. In the meantime you can message any one of our services bots the `help` command to see

New WebIRC Path

We have setup our own instance of KiwiIRC at chat.buddy.im You can also add your channel to the end of the URL to make it autojoin your channel. Like so: chat.buddy.im/#lobby

Canadian Leaf Outage

An outage on our Canadian leaf resulted in 8 & 1/2 hour downtime for the server. The outage was caused by a faulty switch which went under maintenance this morning at OVH, during which time the techs had rebooted the server for no particular reason. After the disruption was noticed we quickly took the server out of the DNS pool until

Name Change

It’s been planned for a while now, but we’ve found the perfect little domain name to find home, and that is Buddy.IM 🙂 Please change the server in your IRC client from irc.altsociety.co to irc.Buddy.IM since once the old domain expires there are no plans to renew it. We hope that you will find Buddy.IM just as appealing as we

North American Hub outage – 12/17

Hello and thank you for being patient today while we experienced an unscheduled outage. We seem to have lost our United States hub server, and it won’t be coming back. Unfortunately the routing plan that we had setup for special circumstances, like this one, had fallen through. Leaf servers didn’t automatically get rerouted as we expected would happen. The leaf servers

New IRC based games for our community

We have recently added two IRC, text-based, games to our collection. Challenge your brain with thousands of questions in #Trivia or if you are daring, have some fun with cards-against-humanity in #CAH.

Comments moved to Disqus

The comments system for this website has been moved over to Disqus. This new system hides all previous (native wordpress) comments, and allows commenting via Disqus with your favorite social media account. We hope that you enjoy the new system, happy IRCing! 🙂

Tor / Proxies Allowed via Login-on-Connect

Our new IRCd configuration allows Tor & Proxy connections, which normally would not be allowed, when using Login-on-Connect. To take advantage of this feature, or if you are having trouble connecting due to being listed in DNSBL, just set up LOC. LOC can be setup by setting your server password to a combination of your username and password for AuthServ.